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PIA transports 32,800 Hajj pilgrims to Jeddah

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Lahore: PIA has so far transported over 32,800 Hajj pilgrims to Jeddah by operating 81 Flights from different cities of Pakistan during the last 10 days, maintaining 97.6% punctuality. PIA spokesman said here on Thursday.


PIA to fly 114,000 passengers to Jeddah for Hajj

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KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has transported over 32,800 Hajj pilgrims to Jeddah by 81 flights from different cities in the last 10 days, a PIA spokesman said Thursday.

The national carrier has already operated 20 flights while maintaining 97.6 per cent punctuality on the flights, said the spokesman.

The PIA’s pre-Hajj operation will continue till November 10 whereas post Hajj operations will commence from November 21 and conclude on December 21.

The PIA spokesman said it will transport over 114,000 pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on 272 flights from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot & Multan. Multan is the latest city from where direct Hajj flights through PIA are available.

Pilgrims from Rahim Yar Khan will be transported to Multan and those from Faisalabad and Sukkur will be transported to Karachi for their Hajj flights.

The Pre-Hajj operations from Multan commence October 28 and the first Hajj flight from Sialkot departs October 29.

The PIA spokesman said that pre-Hajj operations entail a total of 272 flights of which 56 will be operated from Karachi, 53 from Lahore, 53 from Islamabad, 58 from Peshawar, 33 from Quetta, 9 from Sialkot and 10 from Multan carrying at least 114,000 intending pilgrims.

Source: Daily TRIBUNE


Rs. 425 mln deposited to Hujjaj Compensation Fund: Chairman

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 21(APP): Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) have deposited around Rs. 425 million in the compensation fund established by the Ministry of Religious Affairs for timely redressal of the grievances of pilgrims.  Chairman of Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) Islamabad A. Ghaffar Khan Marwat informed APP on Wednesday that ministry took the initiative of setting up the fund on the recommendation of HGOs to ensure “Safety Cover” to Hujjaj.

Last year, around 300 intending pilgrims could not proceed to Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj due to negligence of some organizers. While, the Complaint Disposal Cell of the Ministry had received complaints against 40 HGOs out of around 590 who allegedly showed negligence in providing facilities to pilgrims and violated their agreements during Hajj-2009.
“If any pilgrim is cheated by any organizer, he will be sent to Saudi Arabia under the Hujjaj Compensation Fund, while the Ministry will take legal action against the fraudulents,” Marwat said.
This year, he said 85,000 Hujjaj will perform the religious obligation under the private scheme for which HGOs have been given full mandate to process visas and arrange flights and accomodation facilities for the pilgrims.
The chairman said organizers would ensure smooth conduct of the entire Hajj operation with improved facilities and complete guidance to the faithful.
Commenting on some complaints regarding days’ delay in flights, Marwat addmited that there was a little problem in getting barcodes stamped on passports due to failure of computer system at the South Asian Corporation for Hujjaj.
He said HGOs intereact with the Saudi Hajj Ministry through the corporation for issuance of barcodes and settlement of other related issues.
“Now, the system is fully operating and we are not facing any problem and all Hujjaj are being sent in accordance with the schdule,” he claimed.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 October 2010 09:06

Foreign airline off-loads 75 Hajj pilgrims at Karachi airport

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KARACHI: A foreign airline has off-loaded 75 Hajj pilgrims at Quid-e-Azam International Airport in Karachi on Tuesday.

According to details, the local administration of the foreign airline off-loaded the Hajj pilgrims while saying that the airline can not take any woman Hajj

pilgrim, in group, to Saudi Arabia without the male escort.

The off-loaded Hajj pilgrims belong to the Jaffaria sect of Muslims and according to it women can go without male escort to perform Hajj and Umra and the Government of Saudi Arabia has also admitted it.

The Director of Hajj operation, Abdul Sattar, told SAMAA that he has been informed by the administration of the airline that the flight was scheduled to fly to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain.

He added that due to the indirect flight and that country’s legal restriction on alone female Hajj pilgrims has created this problem.

Source: SAMAA

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